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Pato Thai Cuisine

PaTo Thai is a Thai restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona. We are proud to provide you an authentic Thai cuisine, deliver the fresh and inspiring ingredients to make sure every plate receives a satisfied blend of flavor..

20 E Rte 66; Flagstaff, AZ 86001, USA

Open Hours
Monday- Thurs 11:00 am – 3:00 pm(Lunch special) , 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.(Dinner)
Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm(Lunch special) , 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.(Dinner)
Saturday  12:00 – 3:00 pm (Dinner), 5:00 – 9:00 pm (Dinner)
Sunday(open all day)12:00 am – 8:00 pm (Dinner)

Restaurant Pick-Up

Featured Items

Pad Thai




Yellow Curry


Thai Fried Rice


Chow Mein


Tom Ka Soup


Spicy Noodle


Satay Chicken



  • Original Papaya Salad
    Original Papaya Salad $11.49

    Shredded green papaya tossed with tomato, carrot, green bean, fresh chili, lime juice, ground peanut and one shrimp on top.

  • Grilled Beef Salad
    Grilled Beef Salad $11.99

    Tossed grilled beef, cucumber tomato, chili and green onion in spicy lime juice.

  • Thai Salad
    Thai Salad $11.99

    Mixed vegetables boiled egg and crispy wonton skin on top served with peanut dressing.

  • Larb Chicken & Beef
    Larb Chicken & Beef $11.99

    Ground meat seasoned with chili, lime juice mixed and ground roasted rice.

  • Spicy Glass Noodle Salad
    Spicy Glass Noodle Salad $12.49

    Glass noodle over lettuce with two shrimps and ground chicken seasoned in fresh chili and refreshing lime juice.

  • Larb Tofu $12.49

    Deep-fried or steam firm tofu, green onion, lime juice, chili, fish sauce, and rice powder.

  • Seaweed Wakame Salad $8.00

    Seaweed Wakame Salad

  • Naked Shrimp Salad
    Naked Shrimp Salad $13.99

    Grilled naked eight shrimps in an original house dressing with veggies.

  • Apple Salad $11.49

    Green apple carrots red onion and cashew nut in house dressing.

Chef Special

  • B.B.Q. Short Ribs $19.99

    Beef ribs marinated in our tangy delicious house special barbeque sauce.

  • Spicy Scallop $19.99

    Scallop, bell pepper, pea, carrot, corn and green bean with curry paste and chili oil.

  • Wonton Noodle Soup
    Wonton Noodle Soup $16.49

    Egg Noodle with ground chicken stuffed in wonton wrapped, 2 shrimp and bok choy in broth

  • B.B.Q. Chicken
    B.B.Q. Chicken $15.99

    A half and herbs- marinated chicken charbroiled Thai style served with sweet and sour sauce.

  • Basil Fish $17.95

    Stir fried sliced fish with basil, onion and bell peppers in house sauce.

  • Steamed Fish $19.49

    Vietnamese fish. Steamed fish fillet, green onion, celery, cilantro, crispy garlic, napa and fresh ginger in special sauce.


  • Cheese Puff $8.99

    Six pieces. Deep-fried cream cheese mixed with avocado and imitation crab wrapped in crispy spring roll skin.

  • Siam Egg Rolls $9.99

    Four pieces. Marinated mixed vegetables, shitake mushroom and glass noodle wrapped in a crispy spring roll.

  • Pot Stickers $9.99

    Deep Fried Pork Wrapped in Wheat Paper

  • Satay Chicken
    Satay Chicken $10.99

    Four pieces. Grilled marinated chicken on skewers, served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

  • Veggie Wrap $9.99

    Mixed vegetable and fried tofu wrapped in rice paper roll.

  • Golden Plate $13.99

    Two siam egg rolls, three golden shrimps, four wontons.

  • Fried Wonton $8.99

    Six pieces. Deep-fried ground chicken wrapped in wonton skin.

  • Veggie Dumpling $9.99

    Six pieces. Deep-fried vegetable wrapped in wheat paper.

  • Vegetable Tempura $9.99

    Deep-fried vegetable (broccoli, carrot, onion, and bell pepper).

  • Fried Chicken Wings $9.99

    Six pieces. Fried chicken wings with house sauce.

  • Fried Tofu $9.99

    Deep-fried soft tofu served with sweet and sour sauce and topped with ground peanut.

  • Fried Chicken Tenders $9.99

    Popcorn chicken. Deep-fried seasoned chicken lightly coated with flour, salt, and pepper.

  • Edamame $6.00


  • Fried Pumpkin $9.99

    Deep fried sliced pumpkin served with house special sauce.

  • Crab Cream Croquette $8.00

    Crab Cream Croquette

  • Golden Shrimp $10.99

    Four pieces. Crispy deep-fried shrimp stuffed with chicken wrapped in a spring roll served with sweet and sour sauce.

  • Squid Tentacle Karaage $8.49

    Fried Squid with House Sauce

  • Onion Ring $9.99

    Deep fried sliced onion. Come with ranch dressing


  • Tom Ka Soup
    Tom Ka Soup $13.49

    Your choice of meat. Fresh mushroom, tomato, lemongrass, galanga, lime juice, cilantro, fresh mushroom and shrimp chili oil in light coconut soup.

  • Tom Yum Soup $13.49

    Your choice of meat. Fresh mushroom, tomato, lemongrass, galanga, lime juice, cilantro, fresh mushroom and shrimp chili oil.

  • Wonton Soup $13.49

    Ground chicken seasoned stuffed in wonton wrapped and bok choy in broth.

  • Spicy Seafood Soup $18.99

    Combination Seafood (Shrimp, Squid, Green Mussel, Fish Fillet, Imitation Crab) Fresh Mushroom, Lemongrass, Galanga, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Garlic, Basil Leaves, Lime Juice, Red Onion and Fresh Chili, Topped with Cilantro.

  • Combination Soup $13.49

    Combination of Shrimp, Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Celery, Onion, Green Onion, Napa and Glass Noodle in Broth


  • Yellow Curry
    Yellow Curry $15.95

    Yellow chili paste with potato carrot and onion in coconut milk.

  • Panang $15.95

    Authentic Thai creamy curry cooked with chili paste, peanut sauce, bell pepper, green bean, pea, carrot and corn in coconut milk.

  • Green Curry $15.95

    Spiciest curry. Green chili paste with bamboo shoot, green bean, bell pepper, carrot and zucchini in coconut milk.

  • Mussaman $15.95

    Mussaman curry paste with potato, peanut, carrot and onion in peanut sauce and coconut milk.

  • Red Curry $15.95

    Red chili paste with bamboo shoot green bean bell pepper and carrot in coconut milk.

  • Pineapple Curry $15.95

    Red curry paste with pineapple and tomato in coconut milk.


  • Pad Thai
    Pad Thai $14.95

    Thai noodle mixed with house special pad thai sauce, ground peanut, egg, green onion and bean sprout garnished with fresh carrot and red cabbage on top.

  • Pad-See-Ewe
    Pad-See-Ewe $14.95

    Stir-fried flat rice noodle mixed with egg, house special sweet soy sauce, broccoli, and carrot.

  • Chow Mein
    Chow Mein $14.95

    Stir-fried egg noodle with house special sauce, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, celery, onion, green onion and bean sprout.

  • Kai Kua Noodle Kai Kua Noodle $14.95

    Stir-fried flat rice noodle with chicken, egg, bean sprout, ground peanut, green onion and crispy garlic bedded with fresh lettuce.

  • Spicy Noodle
    Spicy Noodle $14.95

    Flat noodle stir-fried with bell pepper, onion, celery, tomato, carrot, basil leaves, and green onion.

  • Pad Woon Sen $14.95

    Stir-fried silver noodle with egg, napa, onion, celery, carrot, tomato and green onion.

  • Spicy Spaghetti $14.95

    Spaghetti pasta Stir-fried with bell pepper, onion, celery, tomato, carrot, basil leaves, and green onion.

  • Hong Kong Crispy Noodles
    Hong Kong Crispy Noodles $14.95


  • Thai Fried Rice
    Thai Fried Rice $14.95

    Choice of meat stir-fried with jasmine rice, onion, egg, pea, and carrot.

  • Special Pineapple Fried Rice $15.95

    Fried rice with pineapple, shrimp, chicken, raisin, onion, pea, carrot and cashew nut.

  • Combination Fried Rice $15.95

    Combination of shrimp, chicken, beef and pork, egg, pea, carrot, and onion.

  • Spicy Fried Rice $14.95

    Choice of meat. Fried rice with basil leaves, chili, onion, bell pepper, and egg.

  • BBQ Fried Rice $17.95

    Stir-fried rice with choice of barbeque chicken or pork, egg, onion, green onion, and garlic.

  • Crab Fried Rice $18.95

    Stir-fried rice with crab meat, egg, onion, green onion and garlic mixed with curry powder.

  • Tsunami Fried Rice $18.95

    Exotic fried rice with seafood assortment (green mussel, squid, shrimp, imitation crab and fish fillet), egg, onion, bell pepper and basil leaves.

Ala Carte

  • Orange Chicken $14.95

    Crispy chicken stir-fried in fresh orange sauce.

  • Cashew Nut $14.95

    Stir-fried cashew nut, onion, carrot, bell pepper, celery, green onion and water chestnut in house sauce.

  • Mixed Vegetable $14.95

    Stir-fried combination of broccoli, napa, cabbage, onion, celery, baby corn, tomato, fresh mushroom, carrot, bean sprout, green bean, zucchini and green onion in house brown sauce.

  • Egg Plant with Basil Leaves $14.95

    Stir-fried egg plant with onion, bell pepper, celery, carrot, green onion and basil leaves in house sauce.

  • Spicy Thai Basil Leaves $14.95

    Stir-fried with basil leaves, onion, bell pepper and bamboo shoot in chili and garlic sauce.

  • Teriyaki Chicken
    Teriyaki Chicken $14.95

    Bbq marinated chicken in house special teriyaki sauce with steam broccoli and carrot.

  • Stir-Fried Broccoli $14.95

    Stir-fried broccoli and carrot with fresh garlic in house brown sauce.

  • Fresh Ginger $14.95

    Stir-fried with fresh ginger, onion, carrot, fresh mushroom, bell pepper, celery and crispy garlic.

  • Sweet & Sour $14.95

    Stir-fried with pineapple, tomato, bell pepper, onion, celery, carrot, green onion and cucumber in sweet and sour sauce.

  • Prig King $14.95

    Stir-fried green bean and carrot in special prig king chili paste.

  • Garlic with Meat $14.95

    Stir-fried meat with garlic sauce on the bed of carrot and purple cabbage.

  • Stir-Fried Baby Corn $14.95

    Stir-fried baby corn with fresh mushroom, onion and green onion in house brown sauce.

Side Order

  • Steamed Jasmine Rice $2.50
  • Brown Rice $3.50
  • Peanut Sauce $2.00
  • Steamed Noodle $3.00
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce $1.00
  • Teriyaki Sauce $1.00
  • Cucumber Sauce $1.00

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

Tel. : 928-213-1825 , 928-226-8940    Fax. 928-2268940
Address 20 E Route 66 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Business Hours
Monday- Thurs
 11:00 am – 3:00 pm(Lunch special) , 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.(Dinner)
Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm(Lunch special) , 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.(Dinner)
Saturday  12:00 – 3:00 pm (Dinner), 5:00 – 9:00 pm (Dinner)
Sunday(open all day)12:00 am – 8:00 pm (Dinner)

Holiday Schedule
1. Super Bowl Day : Closed  2. 4 of July Day : Closed 3.Labor Day : Closed
4.Thanksgiving Day : Closed 5.Christmas Day : Closed

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